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SONIC icons

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Welcome to sonic_icons! Membership is open to everyone, so feel free to join and share your icons with us! However, all we ask is that the few guidelines we have be followed in order to maintain the goal of this icon community.

  • Only SEGA related SONIC icons, please. That means no SatAM, Archie or Fleetway. Anything from the SONIC games is A-OK, as well as icons from the series Sonic X.

  • Icon posts ABOVE four (4) icons require at LEAST one preview icon, and the remaining icons be placed under an LJ-cut. This goes for icons containing any game spoilers, as well. Learn how to make an LJ-cut HERE.

  • If you use icons from someone who asks for or requires that credit be listed in the icon's keywords, please do so!

  • Icon requests are allowed, just don't abuse the privilege!

  • If you have any criticisms to make, please present them in a constructive way to the other member. I will not hesitate to ban troublemakers or flame-war starters here.

This community is maintained by zuniku and spicebean, both are devoted fans of the original SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series and have joined forces to bring you LiveJournal's first 100% SEGA SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Icons community.

Have fun!